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Hi! I’m Cynthia. As a first-time mom at 44, I had to quickly shift my “me-first” lifestyle to create a beautiful world for my baby girl. My priorities had been extreme workouts (marathons, triathlons, CrossFit and Ashtanga Yoga), high-pressure professional roles (with tons of travel), flippant dating and frivolous spending. 

Now—my priorities are to be a kick-ass mom and healthy role model to Teagan.

My former life was easy to manage.  It was predictable. I married my job in 2009 and had a blast as a corporate gypsy who built brand partnerships and programs for fitness and training brands. As a fitness addict, it was easy to feed this with early morning runs, at-work workouts and my side hustle as a cycling and yoga instructor.

In 2016, I got the “7-year itch” and started looking beyond my career for real love. I went all-in on dating and met a great guy! Six-weeks in, I was pregnant (if you’re interested in this story, read this) and had to pivot quickly.

The Cliff Note version is that I had a healthy pregnancy and took 4 months off for maternity leave. When I returned, the company had new leadership and was up for sale. I was part of a company-wide layoff. 

Stay with me. This will come together soon.

At 45, I was considered an “older worker.” However, with a 4-month old, I was definitely a new mom. Looking for work was hard AF.

2019 was rough. Not only had my priorities shifted–I lost my identity. I was navigating mom life (without a mom of my own), looking for a new job (while contracting part-time and teaching yoga and taking care of Teagan) and working to develop a relationship with her dad. I had moved to a fresh part of town and lost access to my routines and community.

I HAD to drop my morning classes at the gym (the ones I took and taught) and couldn’t run (due to repetitive use injury/surgery). 

So, I tried all the at-home programs including Nike Training Club, YouTube and PopSugar. Some were great! 

But I wanted something that was thoughtfully programmed and got harder as I got better. I wanted something that had proven results. 

I’d heard of Beachbody – I knew they had a lot of “before” and “after” stories and being a bit of a “know-it-all” I assumed it was like a lot of fitness gimmicks that take unfit people, have them do anything for 30-minutes and change their eating in a control group. I assumed the workouts were juvenile and that I’d lose interest.


In early 2019, I pressed “play” on Beachbody. My first program was a self-made hybrid of TurboFire and P90X 3. I worked at IDEA Health & Fitness Association in the early 2000’s and promoted Chalene Johnson’s DVDs (yep, DVDs) in the magazine and had taken both her and Tony Horton’s sessions at a fitness conference. I trusted them.

The production and resources were spot on and I had a blast! When I completed MY program, I chose a new program and followed it as directed and loved it. The best part is when I finished that one, there was another and another and then another!

Honestly, I NEVER thought I would get on board with at-home fitness programs. I thought I’d miss my gym pals and the routine.


I LOVE IT. My new routine gives me time to chill with coffee, pop into the garage, get a bangin’ workout (or recover session depending on the day), shower, make breakfast and spend time with Teagan before work.

The programs are SO GOOD and range from 20- to 60-minutes each. 

Listen, I’ve been fit my whole life. It’s not a gift. It’s commitment. These programs challenge me and inspire me every day to do the work that will give me the results I want. Which are a strong body, healthy weight and level head. 

Whether your gym is closed or you’re simply looking for an efficient, effective way to get or stay fit, I’d love to help. Please fill out the form and I will send you details.

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