Can you spot 5 differences in these pics?I can. The gal on the left is exhausted! She’s up at 5 am to drive 15-minutes to the gym for a 50-minute class (and pumping breastmilk on the way). Her much-needed and LOVED exercise “high” is quickly deflated as she shares her “to-do” list with Siri. She’s a full-time mom, full-time professional and part-time fitness instructor.

The gal on the left is me today and I am energized! In August 2019, I ditched the drive and started to exercise at-home. Sure, I can make my own workouts (I’m certified and educated by the best), I DON’T HAVE TIME. And, don’t want to.Yep. I was anxious that the popular at-home programs would be too easy and I was worried that I’d miss my community at the gym. I was wrong on both counts! Seeing that I just posted my 47-year old self online (and in shorts), it’s safe to say that I am a believer. I have kept my fitness, gained more definition (look closely. . . you’ll see the abs) and have more energy to be the kind of employee and mom I am proud of.

So, happy to say that I have signed up to help others and am planning to share my strategies to balance fitness, nutrition, mom-life, work-life and stress-relief with you. Into it? Join a free, group that includes workouts, a full meal plan, and digital community of other like-minded people committed to a healthy lifestyle. Sign up for details, we start soon!

(5 differences are: 1. Different shorts 2. Duh. I put on self-tanner 3. Left is pre-workout, and Right is post-workout 4. Left I am tired AF and Right I am not 5. Right my stance is powerful! Left I look defeated)