Hi! I’m Cynthia. As a first-time mom at 44, I had to quickly shift my “me-first” lifestyle to create a beautiful world for my baby girl. My priorities had been extreme workouts (marathons, triathlons, CrossFit and Ashtanga Yoga), high-pressure professional roles (with tons of travel), flippant dating and frivolous spending. 

Now—my priorities are to be a kick-ass mom and a healthy role model to Teagan.

My former life was easy to manage.  It was predictable. I married my job in 2009 and had a blast as a corporate gypsy who built brand partnerships and programs for fitness and training brands. As a fitness addict, it was easy to feed this with early morning runs, at-work workouts and my side hustle as a cycling and yoga instructor.

In 2016, I got the “7-year itch” and started looking beyond my career for real love. I went all-in on dating and met a great guy! Six-weeks in, I was pregnant and had to pivot quickly. I lost my identity, my community, my routines and my geography within months. My athletic frame went next and my career took a nose-dive when the company got acquired shortly thereafter.

A favorite quote of mine is “When life hands you lemons, paint that shit gold.” I knew I had to embrace ALL the opportunities and be open to the new life that was unfolding.

This website is my place to share my experience with you. If it resonates, I hope you enjoy it.